Collect resources to craft your village. Level up to unlock new craft and weapons. Place windmills to generate gold. Tame animals and make them evolve in epic battles! 
Collect golden apples in chests to custom your character and pets.

Each pet has a special ability, with its weakness and advantage. Fire, Plant, Water, Electricity, Stunt, Damage, Repulse, Regen ... Choose your pet to get started and tame new ones in game. Build your army and fight other tamers!

Control your pet:
Shield button : The pet protects you
Sword button: The pet attacks every animals it sees, except sleeping babies.
Hand button: The pet will stop following you and keep its position.
Skill button: The pet use its special ability.

More updates will come soon



Movement: W, A, S, D / Z, Q, S, D or Arrow keys 
Hit: Left click
Click on the settings button (the little gear) to see and change commands and performance.


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Ia po fany zaletel i vkinylsia

Lapa can you be my friend on plz. I LOVE IT it would mean the world to have you as a friend becasue u are alr my bro friend and not mine. My ID: 187733 and I am Troll135678. Thx

there's a glitch where your score dose not change can you please fix it it affecting me and many others

if you don't wanna die, change your keybinds so you can spam heal

Nice game, i like it! Great work LapaMauve ;)

i like the game yes i just dont like how everyone is way too op

(1 edit)

I love the game, but please do make this that you could not hurt lower or everyone. please make it. other than that, it's a cool game.

If you play more, you get the hang of it, but the beginning is frustrating i admit


This game is good but people just randomly kill me and i cant defend myself because they have good weapons and immedietly kill me its a very fun game but also frustating.

This game is awesome. I am so glad its free :D  !!!!

This is a really cool game! Plese do more updates!

I love wolves and am SOOOO glad that they are in the game

how i get out of choose pet?

press the X button