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I just got my five thousand babies and one of the players killed it I mean like just WHY

and i have good internet so thats not the case

i hate the random stops bc i would be rich then poor again


the player killing sucks


no one should be able to buy a house you own... only downside.  no escape from extremely annoying players

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bro this game is absolutly incredible and interesting if u ignore all the bad stuff that makes it annoying.Randoms killing you when u try to work,they kill the kid u get,they beat u up for no reason,it simply sucks that there is no option to disable pvp.

The concept was interesting and i really enjoyed playing it till i got killed like 1000 times i swear.

among us

I will not play this game as long as the malicious users continue to exist! : )


I hate that people can buy your house while you're in it, and lock you inside. Also sucks that someone murdered me because I bought a building they wanted. Also I hate that a game that seemed sort of chill legit was actually an annoying, frustrated experience.

if your house is green then someone can buy it but if its blue then nobody can buy i

make it that we can make our own servers


It would be cool if you add drugs to this game!

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Amassed a fortune of 50k and 6 houses, 3 vending machines, and 5 cash machines. Everything was going well until the guys below and above me started chasing me with a hammer and they had superior speed. It sent my heart racing the entire time and I tried to hide in a house but then they just bought it and entered it. When they killed me they said "XD" and went on with their lives. I'm never playing this game again until pkers go away. 

On top of that I have no idea how to feed the baby or give him toys or put him in a cradle. I bought all the toys and had access to multiple cradles yet I couldn't figure out how to put the baby in. Even though I had all the resources, when I respawned as a baby it had basically no skills and was on the brink of dying. Also, the movement is very clunky at times. Basically, this game sends your heart racing all the time. You have no protection against rich players, because all the houses you buy they can buy too. 

the baby you buy baby bottle and the toys you wait till the baby is mad and you can only put baby in cradle if its tire

then you wait to die bc the baby only needs to be taken care of once 

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Really fun aside from the pvp :/


Was willing to play until I saw the "kill rich players" thing
I can already tell it'll be infested with pks


Player killers still a problem


Really, you should do something about pks


Nice game, but theres a lot of pk


make this game downloadable pls

I am having trouble getting past the play button?


I tried to go on the site but it doesnt work there either

if its not working, try typing in google. here!


its not working either






how do get pass the button


how did you get it to work

I click play and nothing happens? Just me?

Same! i tried reloading the browser and waiting but nothing happens.


pleses tell me how you get pass the play button

i think the game is broken rh, it used to work for me before when i played, although i had to reload everytime i died 

I just tried to play again and it worked :)!!!


apparently everyone's having this issue-
it looked cool too :(


The game is totally broke for me? I tried it on web and downloading it. neither worked.


i already pressed this button "play" million times but it doesn't work :c


It wont even let me play the game. I keep pressing play but it doesn't do anything?

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