Get a job or feed in the garbage. Buy a house or sleep in a squatting area. Have fun, but don't forget to buy a worthy successor in the nursery because time goes by and you get old!

• Work on computers, laboratory, or CEO office
• Clean the floor of detritus and feces from the ground
• Find money on the ground
•  Buy buildings to receive commissions. The more a building is used by other players, the more money you will earn.
• Kill rich people

• Computer skill: Earn more money if you decide to work on computers
• Broom skill:  Clean faster and earn more money if you decide to clean the ground
• Negotiation skill: Pay less and receive more commissions
•  Strength: Be stronger
• Speed: Be faster
• Bag: Increase your inventory
• Research skill: Earn more money if you decide to work on a laboratory and you have a better chance of finding food in the garbage cans.
• Mood/Food/Sleep/Toilet: Slow down your gauges

• Buy food on a supermarket or a machine vending
• Go through the garbage.

• Sleep on a bed in a squatting area or a house

• Dance in the nightclub
• Buy clothes
• Go to the hairdresser
• Eat candies and chocolate
• Clean the ground when you have 3 - 5 points on Broom skill

Go on nightclub, CEO office, a house or a squatting area

Once you're old, buy a baby (more than 1000$). To get your gauges full when you come back to life, buy a baby bottle, toys and make him sleep in a cradle.

Movement: W, A, S, D / Z, Q, S, D or Arrow keys
Hit: Left click
Interact: E
Throw an item away: Right click
Map: M


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Whew, I think it took me ~4 hours to get to #1 with ~450k$.  So frustrating when I learned that I couldn't unlock the other attributes/skills.

Fun game, but when I learned my goals were pointless, I learned it was also a bigger waste of time than the time I initially put in.

so i try buying food but nothing happens and i keep dying


Cool game, but a bit too hard in my opinion. The gauges run too quick & the running is too slow. Sure, you can use your points to change that, but you really only have 9-10 points to spend and that's not gonna fix even nearly enough problems.. :/

I agree. Its a fun game. But needs to be a little simpler. A more in depth introduction would be nice. I had little to no idea what I was doing at first. Also a pause or pausing your bars while in map would be nice. Faster traveling as well. Like maybe a bus teleport you have to buy to get to a better part of the map. Someplaces where you start make it near impossible to do any well in basic needs. But overall pretty enjoyable game