Get a job or feed in the garbage. Buy a house or sleep in a squatting area. Have fun, but don't forget to buy a worthy successor in the nursery because time goes by and you get old!

• Work on computers, laboratory, or CEO office
• Clean the floor of detritus and feces from the ground
• Find money on the ground
•  Buy buildings to receive commissions. The more a building is used by other players, the more money you will earn.
• Kill rich people

• Computer skill: Earn more money if you decide to work on computers
• Broom skill:  Clean faster and earn more money if you decide to clean the ground
• Negotiation skill: Pay less and receive more commissions
•  Strength: Be stronger
• Speed: Be faster
• Bag: Increase your inventory
• Research skill: Earn more money if you decide to work on a laboratory and you have a better chance of finding food in the garbage cans.
• Mood/Food/Sleep/Toilet: Slow down your gauges

• Buy food on a supermarket or a machine vending
• Go through the garbage.

• Sleep on a bed in a squatting area or a house

• Dance in the nightclub
• Buy clothes
• Go to the hairdresser
• Eat candies and chocolate
• Clean the ground when you have 3 - 5 points on Broom skill

Go on nightclub, CEO office, a house or a squatting area

Once you're old, buy a baby (more than 1000$). To get your gauges full when you come back to life, buy a baby bottle, toys and make him sleep in a cradle.

Movement: W, A, S, D / Z, Q, S, D or Arrow keys
Hit: Left click
Interact: E
Throw an item away: Right click
Map: M


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Good Graphics
Very Hard (at the beginning)
Nice Pixel Art

Good Game!

please make death pose

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Game is complete shit when you have players that do nothing but just go around killing you while you are doing things. You have NO chance of fighting back because you are just trying to keep your stats up.

Honestly, pretty fun game if the community for it wasn't such shit.

Love it

Plz make a new update at v.0.2.3.!!!

Make the v.0.2.4 (If you can do)

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l'm pro at this game

add more features like you can buy car, more work, more skill, more weapon, assistant for rich people

That's a cool car

I like the concept of seeing other people working on the same goal and taking up your resources, but what is the goal here exactly? I don't mind grinding that much but I do not see the end goal which would entice me to do it. Except for maybe exploring what you can buy and/or reaching the top (doesn't work for me in this game sorry). For what it's worth I like the rest of it, maybe try adding some other ways of interacting with other players?

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this game is REALLY hard ;p but a very interesting concept and I love it! An introduction would be nice, though, since like other people that commented at first I had NO idea what I was doing, and the gauges do need to run a lot slower. But this is great!

+ from other comments that I saw,

the walking speed does need to be a lot faster and building placement IS really annoying sometimes when all the work shops just form one giant wall.

I was pretty excited to play this game just from the cover! But as soon as I was done with the character customization and pressed play, the game didn't play and I was disappointed. I'm sure the developers are fixing this mistake.

The game has stopped working so 0 stars for me until its fixed


Joined a server, the top 3 players were managing each different spawn. Made some money and killed the richest player in my area, took over all his buildings, after a reborn i wen't to kill the other two, then i eventually brought all the buildings in the game and made a monopoly. From there i just kept killing everyone who tried to buy a building, and instead just let l ive those who simply kept working under my command and generating money for me, was fun for a while. 

damn xD

You really need to balance out where the stores, work places, etc. are.

You just... should not have all the work places in a huge line making an impenetrable wall. You also shouldn't have like, zero food places near anything. If you die on the way from your work.

Also, you should probably make the walking speed slightly faster.

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Fun game! I really wish that the character wasn't controlled so heavily by physics. Moving around isn't fun, it's a chore. And when the one thing you'll be spending the most time doing in your game isn't fun to do, it's a problem. Consider at least making the character more responsive to control!

Also, the character customization doens't seem to work?

the game its just too hard!!!!!

Hey, Maybe you can make it a lot easier to get money by either

1) Making people get more money when doing jobs

2) Put sleep, food, etc. closer to the job

and/or 3) Making things cheaper.

You really need to balance things like placement of food shops because there's like a whole half of the map where there are basically no food stores and you just end up starving because you could only buy like, a +5 out of 100 food or something and it's messed up because like, if you move away from the vending machine like at all ur gonna starve.

Then there's like 3 or something stores all in a line in the bottom right of the map, but you never tend to spawn there so like???

Whew, I think it took me ~4 hours to get to #1 with ~450k$.  So frustrating when I learned that I couldn't unlock the other attributes/skills.

Fun game, but when I learned my goals were pointless, I learned it was also a bigger waste of time than the time I initially put in.

so i try buying food but nothing happens and i keep dying


Cool game, but a bit too hard in my opinion. The gauges run too quick & the running is too slow. Sure, you can use your points to change that, but you really only have 9-10 points to spend and that's not gonna fix even nearly enough problems.. :/

I agree. Its a fun game. But needs to be a little simpler. A more in depth introduction would be nice. I had little to no idea what I was doing at first. Also a pause or pausing your bars while in map would be nice. Faster traveling as well. Like maybe a bus teleport you have to buy to get to a better part of the map. Someplaces where you start make it near impossible to do any well in basic needs. But overall pretty enjoyable game