Get a job or feed in the garbage. Buy a house or sleep in a squatting area. Have fun, but don't forget to buy a worthy successor in the nursery because time goes by and you get old!

• Work on computers, laboratory, or CEO office
• Clean the floor of detritus and feces from the ground
• Find money on the ground
•  Buy buildings to receive commissions. The more a building is used by other players, the more money you will earn.
• Kill rich people

• Computer skill: Earn more money if you decide to work on computers
• Broom skill:  Clean faster and earn more money if you decide to clean the ground
• Negotiation skill: Pay less and receive more commissions
•  Strength: Be stronger
• Speed: Be faster
• Bag: Increase your inventory
• Research skill: Earn more money if you decide to work on a laboratory and you have a better chance of finding food in the garbage cans.
• Mood/Food/Sleep/Toilet: Slow down your gauges

• Buy food on a supermarket or a machine vending
• Go through the garbage.

• Sleep on a bed in a squatting area or a house

• Dance in the nightclub
• Buy clothes
• Go to the hairdresser
• Eat candies and chocolate
• Clean the ground when you have 3 - 5 points on Broom skill

Go on nightclub, CEO office, a house or a squatting area

Once you're old, buy a baby (more than 1000$). To get your gauges full when you come back to life, buy a baby bottle, toys and make him sleep in a cradle.

Movement: W, A, S, D / Z, Q, S, D or Arrow keys
Hit: Left click
Interact: E
Throw an item away: Right click
Map: M


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Player killers still a problem

Really, you should do something about pks

Nice game, but theres a lot of pk

make this game downloadable pls

I am having trouble getting past the play button?


I tried to go on the site but it doesnt work there either

if its not working, try typing in google. here!


its not working either





how do get pass the button

how did you get it to work

I click play and nothing happens? Just me?

Same! i tried reloading the browser and waiting but nothing happens.


pleses tell me how you get pass the play button

i think the game is broken rh, it used to work for me before when i played, although i had to reload everytime i died 

I just tried to play again and it worked :)!!!


apparently everyone's having this issue-
it looked cool too :(


The game is totally broke for me? I tried it on web and downloading it. neither worked.


i already pressed this button "play" million times but it doesn't work :c


It wont even let me play the game. I keep pressing play but it doesn't do anything?

how do you get a house

also every time i die i need to reload my browser  or else i cant play.-.

how did you get in



but how did you get i

hard to keep track and speed?????


good game but the players not


Cool game but the players are extremely toxic :c


I keep shitting myself and dying


Cool you can BUY A BABY that is TOTALLY LEGAL


Once I got the hang of it, I was on a roll. Generations and generations of healthy offspring produced a genetic predisposition to wealth and genius! I loved how you could boost the next generation during your current life and I got addicted to this. I think I played for about 4 straight hours until finally I HAD to get up to go to the bathroom and I was dead when I came back :( oh well, it was a great time!


I like the game but it's too hard for me with all the walls and no sprinting

u can upgrade ur speed as u age


I kept dying  right after I pooped I kept dying from no fun I MAKE A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL FOR FUN! AND  I GIVE AWAY MY LIFE

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Every Fan don't forget this game. (2018-2020)

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You should fix the girl's eye color when running.

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MAKE V0.2.4. update


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MAKE V0.2.4. update


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MAKE V0.2.4. update



Hey! If you're new and want to play this game, here are some tips to remember:

1) You have to eat, piss, sleep and party, with a limited time to do so before it goes out. Find an area that has places for all of these things  nearby and memorize how to get around. Me personally, I stay in C1!

2) Keep food ( big sandwich, $58) in your pockets!!! It goes a long way and is filing

3) keep a schedule!!! for ex; party 2 times, sleep and pee, buy food (enough to eat and then some to keep for later), work, sleep, repeat

4) If your heart has gone down or you're tired, go to the hospital. Rejuvenates your heart and sleep. You can also take pills for happiness. Also, if any of those 4 gauges go down theennn so does your life lol

G O O D   L U C K

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everybody knoW that tips but that you said, said to us that you a pro.

Me l'm pro too.

And you know that l'm a fan (see my profile image)

and l started this game since 2018 and now is 2020 and l wanna reach my highscore (34.000$)!!!

Oh, and question:

do you wanna Lapamauve make update???

Me yes cuz l'm bored with v0.2.3.


neat game I find the character moment very slow soft even. It don't feel good. Other than that I like this game :) 

I can honestly say that I do appreciate the concept of this game and also the mexhanical execution of it!

I do however have some points of criticism / feedback :)

- The buildings all seem to be very randomly spaced out, breaking the overall fiction of a town environment :S Could do with designing a town structure with purposeful function building placement (Shopping district, business district, residential district)

- I feel as though there is no clear idea of direction for the player at all as to what they will need to focus on RE their stats. I feel an introductory area is needed?

- The PVP Mechanic seems to be somethibng that can get annoying very quickly for a Sims-alike game. The main issue here is that players are forced to be part of PVP Whether they like it or not. Maybe toggleable PVP?

(1 edit)

it wont let me start game. when i try to press start it does nothing.

same here

ah, it just takes a lot to load the contents

just reload  the browser 

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l love this game:

Watch my videos:

l'll be very happy LapaMauve (and other people) if you watch my videos!!!

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Everyone say:


please make death pose

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Game is complete shit when you have players that do nothing but just go around killing you while you are doing things. You have NO chance of fighting back because you are just trying to keep your stats up.

Honestly, pretty fun game if the community for it wasn't such shit.

your just bad at it ive had no issues with getting killed. once u get a feel for the map and how to prioritize speed upgrades you will own half the block in no time. just be sure to have a baby locked in a house some were at all times


Love it

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Plz make a new update at v.0.2.3.!!!

Make the v.0.2.4 (If you can do)

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